Concierge Service

catering-foodTo start your day! 

Who needs room service when you can wake up to a fresh pot of coffee just steps away from your own bed…

We offer concierge services to help make your vacation more enjoyable. Why spend your valuable time shopping for groceries when you can be at the beach or relaxing around the pool.  Start your vacation the moment you arrive with our Concierge Service. Below are some of our packages to get you started!

Concierge Service Packages

$20 “The Beverage Basics” Includes 12 water bottles, 12 sodas, 1/2 gallon milk, 1/2 gallon juice

$15 “The Coffee Bar”  Includes 12 oz. fresh coffee, assorted sugars, half & half

$15 “Muffin Medley” Includes 1 dozen muffins

Grocery Shopping” minimum $150 order (contact us to set up your grocery list)

For your Personal Chef or catering to celebrate any occasion, serving those on Pleasure Island, contact Chef Linda @

*We welcome the opportunity for a customized package*  *Accepting Visa and MasterCard*