Pricing Information

lufah for everyone

We supply a line of quality sheets, towel sets, and lufahs for vacation rental properties. What sets us apart from other linen companies is we will be making and removing the sheets from each bed while supplying high quality sheets for your complete comfort, just like a fine hotel!

Experience Our High Quality (525 percale) Sheets
The linen quote for a King or Queen size bed includes a ‘Towel Set’: 2  bath towels, 4 wash cloths and 1 hand towel. A Twin bed: 1 bath towel, 2 wash cloths and 1 hand towel. A Roll-away bed: 1 bath towel, 1 wash cloth and 1 hand towel. What sets us apart from other linen companies is we will be making and removing the sheets from each bed.

King               $32.00 (1 towel set)
Queen            $28.00 (1 towel set)
Full                 $28.00 (1 towel set)
Twin               $22.00 (See Quote Above)
Roll-away        $20.00 (See Quote Above)

Set of 5 Bath Towels: $12.50
Set of 5 Hand Towels: $7.50
Set of 5 Wash Cloths: $3.00

Bath Mats: $3 each

Service Charge for 4+ Bedroom Units: $30 (includes All amenities)
Service Charge for 2-3 Bedroom Units: $20 (includes Kitchen and Bathroom Amenities)
Service Charge for a 1 Bedroom Unit: $15 (includes Kitchen and Bathroom Amenities)

Kitchen Amenities include:  Dish and Wash Towel, Sponge, Dishwasher and Dishwashing detergents, Paper towels & Garbage bags
Bathroom Amenities include:  Lufahs and Shower gel, Hand soap, Toilet paper and Kleenex.
Other Amenities: Clothes Detergent and Fabric Softener

*Accepting Visa and MasterCard*